What the Worms Say

The Aisenia Foetida composting worm has been my constant companion for the last twenty-nine years. It is the animal closest to humans in its DNA, and the only animal on the planet possessing five hearts and eight digestions, linking it to the influence of the planet Venus. The same worm is found all over the planet, and has been here since the beginning of the formation of annelids. Whenever there is death and destruction, it quickly moves in to transform the material so that it will support new life. In its rule as ultimate transformer, it is also influenced by the planet Pluto. “Change or die” is its simple message to us.

When I work with them, the worms keep giving me this same message over and over: “We are in Love.” It is not a romantic expression. They are in the Love. They show me this visually. The dead material, the garbage, the human waste that I feed them IS Love, all of it. They are in pure ecstasy as they are busy transforming, transforming this pathogenic dangerous waste to beneficial microbes. They are in delight about it. All the goo and yuck is LOVE for them—is opportunity. It is their purpose in life to transform death, creating new life.

My visitors have a hard time viewing this raw material of waste. It is disgusting to them. They resist going up close to the pile or box, in case it smells. They are afraid to touch it—it might be dangerous to their health. Just as the topic of shit carries much shame, the topic of kitchen waste carries guilt. What we judge and shy away from, the worms are swimming in and changing.

I had the honor of hearing Immaculée Ilibagiza (en.wikipedia.org/…Immacu..Ilibagiza) speak last summer about her experience during the Rwandan genocide. This was certainly a Mass Extinction event. Her father and mother were highly respected persons in their community. When news of the presidential murder hit during the night, the local Tutsi people flocked to a huge football field in front of their home, in the early morning hours. Their question to her parents: Will the Hutus kill us? Her father could only answer most solemnly: Yes. An amazing thing followed. Everyone became quiet. Thousands and thousands of people. Then they sat down and started to have picnics. They sang. They forgave each other. They forgave every little thing. They kissed and hugged each other deeply and intimately, knowing it was their last chance to do so. Soon the Hutus descended from the villages and the slaughter began.

Immaculée was ordered by her father to flee to a Hutu pastor close by. This man hid her and seven other women in a closet-size bathroom for ninety-one days. The pastor’s family did not know the women were hiding in there. He could only rarely get a little food to them. They had to remain in abject silence, sitting, taking turns, on top of each other. They could not even flush the toilet. Immaculée described the process of terror, anger, revenge, and hatred that she went through in this cubicle. The utter despair and overwhelming grief, knowing that everyone she loved was being killed. When she was let out, she saw body parts everywhere. Her ninety-one-day underworld journey took her through rage to numbness, which lasted a long time

Then one day Grace came into the stall. A beautiful calm came over her, her heart opened enormously and she felt free, within this miniscule confine. It was a remarkable event and totally unexpected. No matter what she had been through or would go through she saw the Light in everyone and everything and she understood why she had been saved and what she would have to face when the door opened one day.

It was not easy to face the mass destruction and extinction of her people and country. The smell alone was devastating. But her first act was to go to a Hutu and hug him. He had gravely hurt his soul in the acts he had carried out and she was there to transform the wound. It was NOT forgiveness—it.was LOVE. She missed her family and loved ones and still does today, but would not blame the Hutus she would meet over time and during the repair of the country. She carried only love in her heart and still does today The genocidal event had given rise to the opportunity via extraordinary experiences to create an extraordinary person.

A worm introduced to a mass of material that desperately needed transformation.

Transformation inevitably calls for a different consciousness and it usually does not come without resistance. Alchemy happens under enormous pressure. When you feel like you are going to die if you stay in the heat of a relationship, then and only then does the dross that no longer serves you burn off. Ever done a sweat lodge? It is damn hot in there! I always think I am going to die.

Without transformation we cannot enter into deeper states of intimacy and Bliss. And the Earth Mother needs Bliss. It is Her food and the worms are constantly preparing it. It is truly what vermicompost is made of—broadcastings of biophotons, infinite particles of light or sound that carry Bliss.

The Institute of Heartmath has done considerable research and documentation on the harmonics of the human heart field. They have also done amazing studies on the Earth’s magnetic and electromagnetic fields. And guess what? They are connected! The Earth’s field responds and synchronizes to humans’ harmonic heart fields. The Institute has extended the research from the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who first scientifically demonstrated that the molecular structure of water changes with our intentions. They have done extensive studies on trees, with the same results. We create both beauty and chaos with our thoughts and feelings.

When I am adored or appreciated my heart has an enormous balanced waveform and the same is true of the planet Earth. We are capable of great feats of transformation through our hearts, as we can see in the case of Immaculée. Everything I feel goes into the Earth—both distortion and harmony. We have to decide what we want to feed Her—and ourselves. Pachamama requires adoration to create a huge beautiful harmonic waveform. And our actions on Her behalf have to come from our hearts, not from fearing dire repercussions if we do not help Her…

The Institute of Acoustic Brain Research has documented that around the globe, there is a prejudice against hearing the sound of a woman’s voice—in all cultures, religions and ages. Apparently, all of us, including women, lend more trust to the sound of the masculine. In disbelief, I tested myself—and sadly found it to be true. I wonder if this is in part why we get drawn into the old male game of warring, in the name of protection. We war against corporations. We war against climate change. We war when we could be loving and transforming. Loving and transforming are right brain skills and women have more of these nerve endings than men do. We have been wired to support Life. Like the worms, we have been wired to transform shitty situations, because that is what love is.

But we can’t seem to recognize the quantum power that we are, or could be, and the same goes for the Earth and Cosmic Mother. Gaia does not appreciate being seen as a weak being who needs our protection and won’t make it. With or without us, she is birthing a new consciousness, as Barbara Marx Hubbard had so succinctly pointed out: www.barbaramarxhubbard.com

I want the birthright of Joy that makes ME great, so that I may recognize others’ Light, even when they are performing despicable things. I want to give others and myself another chance every day to remember who we are. Only then can we truly transform anything and everything.

Bring it on!!!!!! I need to wake up!!!!! I need to sit down at a picnic and love you intensely because it is, or may be, our last time together.

About the Author

Wendy Gorshinsky-Lambo is a guardian of the ancient wisdom of Alveoles from the Lnog Micmaq’ Nation and a guardian of the ancient Algonquin Women’s Water Ceremony. She is the first person to receive permission to teach High Egyptian Alchemy and Sacred Relationship from Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion. A vermicultrix and a teacher of the ways of the Transformational Sexual Earth Mother, she owns TerrÃm(i)es (Soul Sisters of the Earth), an educational research center on Alveolean Permaculture Design and Sacred Relationship with Creation, in Rawdon, Quebec. In 2003 Wendy brought Dr. Masaru Emoto to present his research on water in Quebec for the first time. She may be reached through her website www.terramies.com.

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