This Moment

The bliss of this moment rubs against my legs like the
lap cats of angels. Do you also feel this divine?

It is the sweet forest ecstasy:

I raise my arms to the sky and can feel myself fly right
up into the stars—I am astonished by the shape of
each cloud.

This is what I find sacred: when the raindrop hits my cheek and I sense
the power of a thousand ancestors dripping towards me—
when I feel my descendants drinking deep from the lasting trickle of my legacy.

This is what I find sacred: when I experience for a moment the
great depth that is sensation—when I feel it moving in pulsation, in

This is the purpose. This is the journey. This is everything.

I wallow in it, like a cat drenched in dust and sun.

Working Notes:
My work is an attempt to put words to the unexplainable. There are certain things that are purely felt—experienced in the body. Trauma/destruction and healing/rebirth are examples. My work is an exploration of what it is like to live on the brink of civilization, and the cusp of collapse.

About the Author

Jen Skunk is a white queer woman living in Eugene, Oregon. She is a health witch, writer, artist and educator. Her fine art prints and drawings can be found at IG jenskunk.

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