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Lise Weil, editor of Dark Matter Women Witnessing, was founder and editor of the US feminist review Trivia: A Journal of Ideas (1982-1991) and co-founder of its online offshoot Trivia: Voices of Feminism, which she edited through 2011 and which is now published by an editorial collective at the U of Arizona (www.triviavoices.com). Her memoir, In Search of Pure Lust, appeared in June with She Writes Press in the U.S. and Inanna Press in Canada. She lives in Montreal and teaches in Goddard College’s Graduate Institute, where she recently helped found a concentration in Embodiment Studies.

Kristin Flyntz, Dark Matter’s assistant editor, is a writer and editor who lives in CT with a human musician and three feline teachers. As part of her longing to heal the relationship between humans and nonhuman animals, she is enrolled in the Being Sanctuary Internship with the Kerulos Center, whose vision is a world where animals live in dignity and freedom

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