November 2014, Issue #1
Seeing in the Dark



I. Living By Dream

Miriam Greenspan

Seeing in the Dark

Deena Metzger

Living By Dream

Susan Bradley

Dream Dogs 1 and 2

Patricia Reis

Over the Edge

Cynthia Travis




Sara Wright

Angels: After the Maine Bear Referendum

Marilyn DuHamel

Call and Response with An Irish Brogue

Susan Cerulean

Holding Sacred Posture

Kristin Flyntz

Grieving with the Elephants

II. Towards a Resurrected

Sonja Swift

Good Morning, (End of the) World: Notes toward a Resurrected Knowing

Jan Clausen

Veiled Spill #11, #12, #13

Cynthia Travis

The Original World


Letter from Demeter

Susan Bradley

Hexagons with Packets

Kate Miller

Bearing the News: Wolf Hunt Revived in Minnesota

Sharon Rodgers Simone

A Parliament of Ravens

Marilyn DuHamel

Broken Open

Margo Berdeshevsky

In the Falling of Late Fire Days
And Our Hands
L’Amour n’est pas mort

Sara Wright

My Yellow Spotted Lady

Regina O’Melveny

Corydalidae cornutus

Dyana Basist

What the Aspen Revealed

Harriet Ellenberger

Desire Spoken under a Night Sky

Moe Clark


Harriet Ellenberger

Desire Spoken under a Night Sky

May the earth live,
May we live on the earth,
May love in our life flower,
May the transformation be realized.

May it be stone that we stand on,
May winds bring us fast-moving thought,
May our heart bathe in salt waters,
May spiral galaxies light our way home.

March 2014

For myself, I use this poem as a charm. First, I mentally erase the title and forget the effort it took to make the poem seem effortless. Then, whenever I need to calm down and get my soul-train back on track (it derails frequently), I repeat the eight lines silently to myself. However many times it takes.

If something in you responds to the words of this poem, please use it for your own purposes, however you wish.

Harriet Ellenberger Harriet Ellenberger was an activist in the U.S. civil rights and anti-war movements and a founding member of the Charlotte (North Carolina) Women's Center (1971). She founded and edited the lesbian feminist journal Sinister Wisdom with Catherine Nicholson (1976-81), was a founding member of the bilingual feminist bookstore L'Essentielle in Montreal, Quebec (1987), published a small feminist journal on the web called She Is Still Burning (2000-2003), and co-edited with Lise Weil several issues of Trivia: Voices of Feminism (2004-8).

For the last nine years, she’s been living in rural New Brunswick, Canada, working with her partner to rebuild their old farmhouse. She’s an advisor to Trivia: Voices of Feminism and a featured contributor to “Return to Mago: Magoism, the Way of WE in S/HE”

Her most recent writing is slowly materializing on her website at She can be reached at

Personal note: When I write a bio, it always feels like I’m filling out a job application form, or taking notes for my own obituary. Just before my mother’s hundredth birthday (she died three days afterward), she looked in the mirror and said, “That’s NOT me.” Well, my bio is not me either, nor is the “serious writer” photograph that I talked my partner into taking and which then alarmed me by the fatigue it showed in my face and body. I am tired, but … that’s not me. In my imagination, I’m just setting off on this journey. I’m hoping Earth feels kind of the same way.

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