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Gillian Goslinga, “Love as Fierce as Death”

Feedback: I wish I had met Deborah Bird Rose, but then I did through you. I love the expression “Way of the Living World,” it brings to mind the Ouroboros. My work with worms eternally speaks of Life/Death/Life. To know that you and Deborah both work with the erotic, the Sacred Sexuality of the “Way of the Living World” from Aboriginal Wisdom, makes me feel a whole lot less lonely.

Wendy Gorchinsky Lambo, Rawdon, Quebec

Nancy Windheart, “Life is Love”

Feedback: This article brought tears to my eyes and reminds us that we are all connected to every species on the planet. Allowing species to become extinct is allowing a part of us to become extinct as well.

Lauren Osornio, Mexico

Nancy Windheart, “Life is Love”

Feedback: Thank you so much for passing this message on to us. As an empath who often weeps & despairs at the global destruction happening, & the awful impact on earths innocent animals, today I can take a breath, & know that these gorgeous belugas are, at least happy. Thank you.

Patsy-anne West, Australia

Nancy Windheart, “Life is Love”

Feedback: “Perhaps healing is learning how to live life fully in the presence of immense grief, aware of the certainty of death, of the impermanence of all things, including each individual life and the collective lives and particular gifts of each species.” This is the only way healing makes sense to me. Certainly the animals teach us that. While reading your story I had a sudden visceral memory of being in the Amazon with the pink dolphins and on the last day of the last trip how I longed to say goodbye and as my guide and I set out in a dugout they appeared one-by- one and eventually closed a circle around us… I was awed –but I KNEW they would come.

Sara Wright, Abiquiu,New Mexico/ Greenwood Maine

Jacqueline Freeman, “Prey-er”

Feedback: Spell binding. It is also the way my daughter and I feel about the agreement between predator and prey. Thank you for sharing your life- directing cathartic experience with us.

Wendy Gorchinsky Lambo, Rawdon, Quebec

Anne Bergeron, “How I Came To Be with Water”

Feedback: Oh what gorgeous images… The words you heard “Be With Me” are words I hear every day - staying with what is is the greatest challenge of my life.

Sara Wright, Abiquiu,New Mexico/ Greenwood Maine

Anne Bergeron, “How I Came To Be with Water”

Feedback: This pictorial essay was sublimely graceful, simple and nourishing. Thank you for doing it - doing the writing, taking the pictures and seeing life as you do.

Wendy Gorchinsky Lambo, Rawdon, Quebec

Ann Drake, “The Universe is Vibrational”

Feedback: Thank you for this. It was in the jungle in Peru that I first learned about soul loss in children and understood viscerally what had happened to me.

Sara Wright, Abiquiu,New Mexico/ Greenwood Maine

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The Entire Issue #7

Feedback: I often resist reading this journal because it requires me to sit at my computer. I am reluctant to spend more time interacting with technology than I have to for work.

However, I have read it, in the dark, at 5:00 in the morning, with my coffee. I followed each reading with meditation. It was a VERY satisfying experience.

I think this issue is and is not a portal. I want to say it is a portal to a kind of consciousness that we need at this time. But it is not a portal because this is the consciousness I live in, the consciousness I want to stay in, and which it is sometimes so hard to stay with as I live in the dominant culture. So it is, perhaps a portal to my actual home and a way to be with the community of others who share my understanding of the world. And a way to show me that there are others who share that way of being who I do not know. Many, many others. And so reminds me that this web of connection, this tribe, this consciousness is large and growing and from this my hope comes. So thank you so very much.
With love, blessings, and gratitude

Laurie Markoff, Holliston, MA

Sharon Simone, “Fired Anew”

Feedback: This woman is amazing, brilliant and a gift. Talk about offering hope to so many suffering people. She will now set in motion a movement to save our earth…Bless You, Sharon Simone

Patricia Foley, Brockton, MA

Eve Rachele Sanders, “The View From The Ground”

Feedback: As a Tree Woman I was deeply moved by your need to turn to the trees for help…There is something about these extraordinary beings that helps us return to ourselves.

Your Redwoods speak to the deep community that appears under our feet. That all trees are suffering today is a reality. I wonder what we can do to help them heal, when they are being burned and logged to extinction. Healing each other – this reciprocal relationship remains a door unopened for most. You stepped through the veil…

Sara Wright, Abiquiu,New Mexico/ Greenwood Maine

Lawrie Hartt, “At the Stillpoint of Village Medicine”

Feedback: What a deep and moving piece, a lovesong to the interconnectedness that we share with everything in the field of this earth and beyond, whether we are aware of it or not--and a call to be aware of it if/when we are not. I am particularly touched by these words: “There are moments when attending so fully to one member of the village, the whole village is present. The space of Medicine is that big. Nothing is excluded.” What an expansive vision of healing, of existence.

Sarah Braun, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Andrea Mathieson, “Listening to Bugs”

Feedback: Thank you so much for your rich and profound essay. For the last 10 plus years I've been host to lyme spirochetes and other fungi and bacteria, viruses too, and this experience has taken me on a deep spiritual journey which has landed me in the same paradigm that you describe in your beautiful essay. “Magnetic listening” and “homeopathic listening” are powerful ways to practice the shift needed in our consciousness to restore right relationship with these creatures and our own selves as well, not to mention all of life. “Quiet and still as a tree, I let my entire body resonate with …. ” YES! The metaphor of war, not love, had oriented my early responses to what was happening to me: My immune system was embattled, I was invaded by foreign entities, I could only be free of them by targeting them and killing them and then cleansing myself of their death waste (detoxification). The battle was desperate because “they” were taking everything from me: my body, my mind, my career, my belongings too, “contaminated” by mold and rendered toxic to me. I fought “them” for years and aggressively. I only got sicker. It was not until I surrendered to something very close to “homeopathic listening” that the tides began to turn for me. I began to make peace with, to sit with, and to listen, a form of honoring and showing respect really. This ushered in a turnaround of not just my consciousness but also my physiological self. I started to feel better, do better.

These creatures were not enemies. They were only flagging a terrible injustice in how we humans have come to relate to earthly and bodily things and though small, they are mighty teachers, able to short-circuit the well-practiced logics of my warlike conditioning. I see them now as guardians of a consciousness threshold we are being called to cross at this time, a mighty turn to Love. (Green Hope Flower Essences owner Molly has written a wonderful essay about this, Beyond Lyme, a communication from the flower devas, available online.) Theirs is a love song, too! Machig Labdröat;n, the 11th century Tibetan female lama, surrendered to “demons” in this way, too, turning them into allies. Her meditation practice was a love song as well. YES, some of the most meaningful conversations are love songs that occur on the edge of death…
Blessings, Gillian

Gillian Goslinga, Cornville, AZ

Aftermath: 11/9 “The Brown Tide”

Feedback: What an incredibly startling and intelligent self-scrutiny we are taken into with the dream and how the author returns to it to feel it, enter it. We go into it too. The statement that sends her looking beyond toxic waters to another Tide, the migrants, who she sees she/we want to wash off when the Tide gets too up close and personal… I am amazed at the power of this dream and the closer look the author/dreamer risks so that she becomes undressed… from privilege and distance. I am so moved by this dream and its possible implications for us right now/me right now. Grateful.

Sharon Simone, Los Angeles, CA

After•Word: “Climate: a New Story” and “The Book of Joan”

Feedback: yes, Eisenstein is right (as was Macy years ago), we are being called into an initiatory ordeal – to FEEL takes enormous courage and endurance - and we MUST feel the interconnectedness of all things (and the terrible losses) on a visceral level as uncolonized indigenous peoples do. What else could power the reversal that is needed to begin the kind of healing you speak of - healing that brings humans back into alignment with the Earth – healing through prayer, art, ceremony, listening to the powers of Earth and Water…

I also like the idea of reducing carbon by restoring our forests, wetlands, coral reefs etc. It gives people a place to start.

And you are right – this way of being with the Earth is not new!

Sara Wright, Abiquiu,New Mexico/ Greenwood Maine

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ISSUE #6 JUNE 2018

“The Wisdom of the Breakdown” by Cynthia Travis

Feedback: I am not coming up with much to say other than THANK YOU from my whole heart for writing and sharing this. This is everything.

Nicholas Tenney,Bozeman, Montana, USA

“Jaguar Medicine” by Karen Mutter

Feedback: It may be the greatest challenge before us: not healing from an illness but pulling ourselves out of the magnetic field of the mental construct that rules our culture, our minds—the illusion that science is supreme over nature. In order to do so we need to break the spell that keeps us separate from our very truest nature.

Sara Wright, New Mexico/ Greenwood Maine

“The Seven Jars” by Anne Bergeron

Feedback: Amazing dream. Your words speak a fundamental truth that any woman of the Earth is only too aware of… no wonder we suffer. “The knowledge of how to survive lies deep in female consciousness, in female awareness, and has been occluded and buried. Yet, it remains.”

Sara Wright, New Mexico/ Greenwood Maine

“Making Love with a Three-Billion-Year-Old Woman” by Wendy Gorschinsky-Lambo

Feedback: I love this article. I am fascinated by your story about red wiggler worms because coming from the northeast I am a lazy composter – but here every bit of precious compost matters and my friend Sabra is giving me some red wiggler worms while I prepare their home. I am excited to learn about the five hearts, the bio-photons — all of it — and can’t wait for my new friends to arrive!

Sara Wright, New Mexico/ Greenwood Maine